Dr Vinod,

The Oral Cancer Foundation Site has a facility for photos I think in the "personal profile" which I suggest would be the appropriate place to locate them. I would doubt if any of us would object to our PP's being interrogated by other members provided there were no contact details there like postal or email addresses which could be abused by third parties. Alan
Hello all

Any suggestions, comments about how it is going?

Thinking Would you like to be able to create your own albums? Would that create problems and open a Pandora's Box for us? Should I instead create different albums (headings please) for different purposes or for members (upon request)?

Let me hear from you.

Best wishes
Vinod (don't i have enough to think about already Roll Eyes)
I think it's great Dr.Joshi!
I notice the more pictures there are the longer it takes to load. So perhaps a number of albums for different subjects would be better. Or perhaps certain threads could have their own album. Eg- General, Awareness raising, Medication etc? Thinking
But it's a great format! Big Grin
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