Hi all, I just read an article on the web about a device called Therabite that stretches the jaw muscles.Does anyone know of it? Has anyone found it useful? I have problems with restricted jaw movement, I'm ok speaking but eating is a major problem.If anyone has any experience of this device I'd love to hear from you. Many thanks.
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Go to the Oral Cancer Foundation website and click on Survivor/Patient Forum. Scroll down the Forum's introductory page and register (similar to registering here).

Once you are registered, click on Search at the top of the Forum page (small type, underneath the pictures) and use Therabite as your search term. There's quite a bit of information on the message boards from people who have had experience with it.

There is also some information on the main part of the OCF site -- if you are on the OCF home page, scroll down and click on Search, then type in Therabite. (The Search functions for the main part of the OCF site and the message boards are separate.)
Hi Dr Joshi

Is it possible to get this therabite thing on NHS or does one have to buy it - where from and at what cost does anyone know?


Hello Rose

Yes, ask your local Maxillofacial Unit to get you one. There may be local funding issues and you might need your GP to get it for you. Different policies at different hospital I work in!

Info for GP: link
If you decide to buy it, contact:
Platon Medical Ltd., PO Box 2568, Eastbourne, East Sussex BN21 3Hz

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee
hello, I have an aunt that had jaw cancer and after the treatment she could not open the mouth. I was reading about this Therabite and I was wondering if it can be used in patients that only can open the mouth 2 milimeters. if not, would you tell me what how big the mouth opening has to be?
thank you
Hello franco

There has to be enough space to get the device between the teeth. The device has a width of at least 5mm, I think. Please email the company about this. Meanwhile consider using tongue spatulas or depressors which are obtainable from your doctor/pharmacy. They can be added to between the teeth to progressively jack open the mouth and stretch the muscles.

You may find this article on Trismus and Use of the Therabite of interest.

Hope that helps.

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee
We have teenage son with anquired brain injury and wheel chair user due to a road traffic incident, one of the many problems he has is restricted jaw movement , we were given a threabite but due to the size , we understand that they are used typicaly in adults is it is to big for his , mouth ,so we were given what i can only descibe is a plastic stic to open his mouth with any suggestions for children ?? Many thanks , worried parent Smiler
Hello Suzy

You need to find out why your son has a difficulty opening his mouth. Therabite and mouth opening devices are only good for preventing and regaining opening related to muscle fibrosis related to scarring (surgical or radiation damage). If you son is keeping his head tilted downwards, that posture would restrict opening and would need to be corrected (if possible). If it is related to muscle spasm and contraction caused by the damage to the brain, the muscles might have to be relaxed (medication) or paralysed (Botox injections).

Hope that helps

Best wishes

Vinod Coffee
I had cancer of the tongue in 2004 and had the appropriate treatment,is trying to get one of these on the NHS time limited?Also as times pass does this machine have limited success?Thanks........Dave.

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