SmilerHi! All,
Well things are looking GREAT, Saturday night I went to my little sisters 60th Birthday bash which was Catered for and there was food in abundance and Grog gallor, I had had my 2 cans of Ensure before getting there as I was not going to be able to partake of the festivities, but DEB would be, anyway when the food was served up I thought I would try a little Potatoe Salad which went down easy(so so)which I washed down with a Vodka Cruiser(that didn't have a good taste but then I have never had one before), I followed the salad with a slice of Cheese Cake that was YUM I had to follow that with more cruiser, I thought this is great as with Xmas approaching I might be into real food by then. The next morning I had 2 Weat Bix and milk(Lo-Fat)and a cup of Hot Chocolate. Later that day we went back to my little sisters for a BBQ and I was feeling real game by now and got to eat 4 large Garlic Prawns and some Pasta Salad and followed up with some Cherry Tomatoes and litle Chocolate Cake with Yoghurt on it(This was not too successful)but Boy was I excited as food has always played a BIG part of my life & Belly. That night I had my usual 2 cans of Ensure as the food I had had did not have the neccesary nourishment in it so I needed the suppliment, but I did have another cup of Hot Chocolate. Monday arrved with 2 WeatBix and Milk, honey, sugar and Hot Chocolate, boy was this getting better and better, Monday night I decided I was going to have Bangers and Mash so off to the shopping centre and I bought 2 klg of mixed fat sausages Yummo, Deb knocked up a really good meal and with a lot of Garlic in the Mash and a nice Gravy the meal was a big success, except for the Gravy as this took all the saliva ouy of my mouth(and thats not much when you don't have any saliva)so I couldn't enjoy the Gravy, and I was to full to eat the second Sausage BUT It was wonderfull to be almost back to eating again(even if it does meen having to constantly drinking)come on Xmas.
Well Guys & Gals this is the start of my recovery so if I can do it so can YOU by being positive with yourselves anything can happen.
I will keep you informed of my successes and my up and comming visit with the ENT Specialist(on the 20th), that is if you are interested with my gleeful ramblings, take care and "BE Strong"
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Way to go Trev!!
I'm really soso pleased that there's another happy tale to tell here!
You're doing so great you should be proud!
You & Debs are stars!
Once again, i'm so pleased!
Now have a fantastic chrimbo!!!
thanks for sharing that trev its good to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel and maybe next year i will be able to are an inspiration to me.take care love shirl xxx
Trev - that's fantastic news and gives hope to everyone who is suffering.

My mum has gained almost 1kg in weight this week, and has cut her NG feed down by one third, so she must be getting her calories from somewhere.

She's trying little bits of stuff every day, but they are VERY little bits.

She is adamant she is going to have the NG tube removed when she goes to see her team at the hospital on 21 December.
Brilliant Trev., you are well on your way now. Deb will be so pleased for you, I remember how I felt when Brian managed his first plated meal. Its onward & upwards now. Big hug to you both.
Hi Everyone
Isn't it fabulous news of Trevor's!
It honestly seems like there has been a miracle because just a week ago we wondered if T was ever going to be able to get something substantial down his throat and next thing we know he's on his way.
I wonder if confidence plays a part in all of this. Trevor has wondered what to try, what will go down OK and so on but I guess scared of failure so didn't (or wasn't in a position to) quietly get in and try things in his own space. Going to a very crowded outdoor (so fairly dark) party that had an assortment of food available, I think gave him the opportunity to pick and try his way through anything and everything and if it didn't work, it didn't matter. Does that make sense?
Maybe everyone on the verge of being able to eat and swallow should be able to pick their way through a smorgasbord to find things that are appealing and that they can just try little pieces of rather than having someone go to the trouble of preparing food they may not feel like only to feel terrible and a bother if it isn't palatable or won't go down the hatch.
That's how it seems from my perspective anyway and might be worth considering for those eager to 'have a go', especially with Christmas around the corner. There is no other way that I can understand such an improvement, so quickly.
It's wonderful to see the lift in Trevor's spirits and I hope his story offers some inspiration to someone else on the verge of some culinary exploration.
Good luck to you all.
PS Some time ago Chelle you posted a suggestion for mashed pumpkin and sweet potato with garlic butter. It made my mouth water but of course at that point Trevor was nowhere near ready to eat and besides he hates pumpkin AND sweet potato (not that he's fussy or anything like that!!!!) Last night I made mashed potato with lashings of butter and piles of garlic (phew! rather on the nose!) and it was heaven on a stick. Just delicious. Thanks.
That's great news Trev, onwards and upwards now. You've hit the nail on the head Deborah. Robert can eat loads if we go to a buffet and is allowed to just cruise around eating a bit of this and a bit of that. If we go out for a meal nowadays it tends to be to a Chinese buffet because he can eat Chinese food really easily.

So pleased for you Trevor. You really have cracked it now.

Spot on Trev, you're well on the way. I agree with you on being positive about things. I think it's one of the most important "weapons" we've got. I'm sure you will inspire others on the forum. Hagg.
So pleased for you Trev, it's these sort of posts that lifts everyone's spirits, puts a smile on thier faces and keeps them going forward.

Love across the miles to you and Deborah

Mum xxxxx
Hi! Guys & Gals,
WOW What a response it's great the way you replied, I am thrilled with my new found FOOD, I am like a kid in a lolly shop "Buy Me, Buy Me, Let me have it Yum" ETC well last night I tried some Filleted Fish with Honey & Sesame coating,Fresh Tomatoes (Skinned), Beetroot,Sliced Gherkins and Mashed potatoes with Garlic. This was Followed by Banana (Sliced) Vanilla Icecream and Custard with Chocolate Sauce (Iam in Heaven), well everything went down well but I still had to keep drinking but what the heck I'AM EATING YAHOOOOOO, OOPS sorry about those who are not up to it yet but the time will come when you will and I wil rejoice for you as you rejoice for me, Thank You every one of you.

PS Off course there is a down side my weight will now steadily go up, I had lost about 37kgs and am looking quite trim(Iam so vane)and now I'll have to start watching what I eat BUT hang it I want Food.
I keep reorting back to my mum with your progress Trev.

When did you have the op ?
When did you finish RT ?

I kow we are all different, but it lifts my mum's spirits so much when she hears of people who could hardly eat at all suddenly getting it back.

Great News - keep the progress reports coming - you are making an old lady very optimistic (my mum that is - LOL) and a slightly less old lady optimistic too (that is me !!)
Hi! Winnie,Angie,
Great to hear from you all and I am always happy to be a help. Winnie to your Mum I had my Radical Neck Disection on the 22nd of June 2007, started Chemo/RT on the 31st July 2007, had my PEG fitted on the 20th Aug 2007, I finished Chemo on the 11th Sept, and finished RT on the 13th. I had trouble with my PEG and had it replaced on the 15th Oct 2007, after that I had no trouble with my PEG and I had my first Cup-of-Soup on the 6th of Nov 2007 which went down reasonably well but the next day I tried Porridge with Milk and that was a fail as the milk made my mucous flare up. Apart from the occasional Cup-of-Soup and IceCream(small amount)I have had to stay with my PEG that was up until the 1st of Dec 2007 when I went to my sisters 60th and my eating habits took a big turn. Since then I went to a Chinese Restuarant and had Sweet & Sour Fish with s&s Vegetables(I needed the sauce to help everything go down along with 2 pints of "Lemon Lime & Bitters". Before the Main meal I had a dim sim(a specialty of the House) which is the size of a Billiard Ball and a copiuos amount of Soy sauce and my mistake SALT(Fail) They are delicious but the result was a sore roof of my mouth and a bit of bleeding the next day(only a little and went away with a mouth wash). Boy do I go on!!!! but these words I hope will help MUM out and give her some forward planning as I had almost tossed in the towel when Xmas was coming and thinking of all my family enjoying the food of Xmas and not me but now I will be with them eating as well(there is a side effect with this new found delight and that is I am starting to put weight back on.......DAMM).
Hang in there Mum and there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel.
See you all later
Dear Deb.
Look at Trev going on when its all thanks to you ,he is eating up half of Australia!!! I am really happy Trev and you will never imagine how much. I really wish I had been there when you started gobbling all that stuff down. Why dont you get snaps of Trev attcking his food and post them? That would be great.

With lots and lot of my love,xxx and hugs,
Wow Big Grin

That's music to my ears Trev.

Thank you SO MUCH.

I think mum's NG tube is beginning to annoy her too - which I'm quite pleased about in a funny way. It means she is ready both physically and psychologically to have the thing removed.

Keep the news coming please !!
Hi! Winnie
Well things were going along swimmingly when Deb served up a beautiful Roast Lamb with Roast Potatoes, Carrot, Onion and Beans with gravy, it was absolutely yummy WELL it would have been BUT everything that was roasted just stuck to the inside of my mouth(the beans were OK) and even with copious water it stayed put. Well Deb had a big meal "Lucky Deb", so I had to resort to cold meat and salad but with that aside I am getting more down every day so thats cool.
Tell your Mum to hang in there as all good things come to us good ones, give her my love
Hi Debbie,
Kindly stop Trev from making life difficult for me with giving all the details of the great food you are cooking up for him. On the other hand- I feel great that he can eat normal food once again and he deserves his success.

Lets see my date with the doctors is day after tomorrow and I have made it an issue that I do not have time to waste and if I am given a time, I expect to be looked after at that time and not just wait around. They will check on how much damage the cancer has already created and possibly a time slot which no other doctor has given me so far ( or do not want to - guess they want it to be a surprise - like a surprise birthday party??Smiler ). I am already living a beautiful life - full to its brim and enjoying it ever so much with so much family and friends here in Barcelona. Sonya and the boys - to who I speak to everyday are still on the cruise and will dock in Mumbai only around the 20th. after celebrating new years on board the ship. They are enjoying their time on the cruise as they manage to see things which even I have not seen till date! I am really not sure as to when I will return to India and at the moment I do not want to even think about it. I have never felt more at home here then ever in India and it has more to do with the way things and the pace at which they move. In India the system is -what can be done right now -leave it for later and the later becomes tomorrow and tomorrow becomes a week and carries on. I feel sorry for the people after all I too am an Indian by birth but thats life and culture for you.

Love you Deb. Take care Trev and keep your weight in check and enjoy every bit of food that you had missed out for so long. Get Deb to make the sxtra special dishes that you may have missed out on and stay away from the TV meals.

Lots of kisses and bear hugs to both of you and I am still kicking myself for having missed the golden opportunity of not having been able to meet you Down Under. Who knows - if soemthing has to be taken care off - you may find me down there again but not in the same way, I am at the moment.
Hi Ananth
Whatever makes you think I can stop Trevor from doing anything he wants to????? Sadly for Trevor (and the rest of us!) I'm no whizz in the kitchen so that adds to the surprise at his delight and excitement at eating!! That just shows the depths of his despair at having been denied his calling in life ~ eating. It is great to see him with some spark though and I guess it's just going to be trial and error as to what will and what won't go down the hatch.
I'm nervous for you in regard to your dr's appt. As you said, your life is beautiful at present and I guess anything the dr may tell you will rock the rhythm. We'll be thinking of you.
Take care Ananth
Dearest Deb,
I was not born yesterday but almost forty nine years and six months ago - so you dont have to be so modest about your cooking skillsSmiler.Trev - just carry on and keep all of us upto date on each time a special goody goes right in.I am not sure about others, but it feels I can do it too (dreams come true at times).
Today is my meeting with the doctors - which now include the oncologist, the ENT and plastic surgeon. I have no idea what they want to do but if it means hospitalization and sking grafting or radiation or chemo - they are not in luck. There is no way, I plan to spend even one more day on a hospital bed - wearing that stupid gown ( I rememeber the time I had to wear a candy striped one!! I looked like something straight out of the circus and you should have seen all who came to see me laugh- I have not got over that shock till date!!). I am only going to the doctors because of a promise I made that I will see them - but no hospitalization.
Strangely enough, I should have been getting symptoms of my body degenerating and the pains started but nothing, nada, nil so far. I am still at woking my butt off at the gym in the house and running as hard as I can. I found that if I remove my stoma button - I can run even faster and have a lot more oxygen intake. I called up my doctor in India and he told me to go ahead and work out without the stoma as the stoma has formed very well and after seven years - there were not too many chances of it closing down in the event I spend an hour or two without it everyday.

So Debbie - dont be nervous - just think of it as another visit to make my families happy.
Trev - take care of that belly or start working out - age is no bar for doing the same.

With lots and lots and lots of love to both of you, some big bear hugs and the kisses for Deb.
Hi! All,
Well to continue on with my eating saga I am slowly finding out what I can and can-not eat,I think I mentioned about a Roast well on second attempt Deb and I went to a friend of hers and friends husband is a real mean cook and knocked up a roast you wouldn't believe could be done, however after leaving their place I was having great difficulty swollowing anything as my throat was coated in fat and it would not dislodge. The next day after my usual breakfast we were having 2 of my sisters for lunch and so Deb knocked up a delicious lunch of Tommy Ruffs(Fish), Mild Chicken pieces, Portugese Chicken and Salad and Cheeses, Yummoh. Unfortunately the fish I couldn't eat but the chicken (cut small)I managed well, the Portugese Chicken was very HOT Eekerand I couldn't eat any of the Cheeses Mad but all in all I had a lovelly meal. That evening I had Fresh Tomatoes,Continental Cucumber,Fresh Beetroot,Gherkin and Mild Chicken with a bottle of Soda Water. So as you can read things are getting better by the day and I see my Dentist this coming Friday to fit my Fluride Trays & then the ENT pecialist for a Endoscopy on the 20th and hopfully they will remove my PEG for XMAS.
Take care Guys and Galls I will keep in touch with my progress
Fantastic Trev.

Mum's still only on soup (with no bits in)porridge, weetabix, etc. She had some egg and a small piece of bread the other day. (It's really not cold salad weather here at the moment) She's doing yoghurts, and the fortified pudding things (Ensure), but the tube became blocked the other night and woke her and dad up. So losing another nights sleep hasn't helped.
Well done Trev keep it up you seem to have found i new passion food its good no matter what people can or cant any food is good great progress
Dave and Sue
Hi Trev

Great up-beat posting!

I've been back to reasonable eating for almost a year now, but there are still some things that give me trouble due to lack of saliva. These are large chunks of meat - a sliced roast can be managed,steak and whole fish tricky.

Chips are awkward as well - to dry.

All vegetables are good due to the high moisture content. Pasta with sauce = good news.

Traditional Christmas lunch worked out OK for me as well. I found gravy helps, although I notice that you found the opposite. Just shows that we aren't all the same...
Hi! 200 Minutes,
It has been very exciting trying different foods, I was visiting my Dad and had a cup of coffee and out came the biscuits so I thought I'll give it a go FAIL even with it dunked I couldn't get it off my teeth or inside of my mouth (Damm I do love my bickys) well we headed of to the "House of the Red Dragon" again and I ordered combination fish and oyster sauce(with extra sauce)we also had our customarry Dim Sims and soy sauce(another FAIL) as the salt went straight to the roof of my mouth and blisterd it, damn, anyway apart from being served up to much food(theysupply Doggy Bags) it all went down well so thats something else to add to my Menu, triple shot coffees from "Gloria Jeans" was nice but again too much, tonight I am going to embark on a drinkig spree and tuck into some of my Brandy stash. I have also been able to eat plenty of vegetables hot and cold however roasts are no chop as the fats coat the inside of my mouth and it takes a very hot drink to clear it and I do not like my drinks tooo hot, I went to Fasta Pasta the other night and had a nice meal but the baby spinach was not possible to eat and again they made too much and I had to let Deb finish it of for me.
Anyway its great getting feed back from the forum and you so keep up the good work and keep trying different meals.
Mum told me with great glee that she ate half a doughnut at the cafe in the supermarket after she had done her shopping yesterday !! Smiler
Winnie, what great news! There'll be no stopping her now. What did your Mum do with the other half of her doughnut? You know Trevor doesn't like to see any food left unattended.................

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