Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum, so hope this is the right thread for pre-diagnosis questions.

I've just been told by a head & neck cancer consultant that I need to have a biopsy to investigate a persistent sore throat. I already have acute health anxiety, and am utterly terrified. Any reassurance you can give me would be gratefully received...

I'm a 44 year old man. Over the past two years I've wrestled with depression and anxiety. I've had a series of strange symptoms that have all turned out to be caused by anxiety. These included headaches, twitches, blurred vision, spasms, numbness, sweating and shallow breathing. They all came and went, especially when I went on anti-anxiety meds (Propranolol). I became used to symptoms just lingering then going - and then something else starting up.

This time it does seem to be more serious, given I have to go under a general anaesthetic to have a biopsy on the base of my tongue. The doctors have noted 'a slight asymmetry' there.

I first developed a sore throat in late June. It came on instantly after a specific moment. One night, I swallowed a large amount of dry roasted peanuts at once, and instantly coughed and needed a glass of water. My throat then felt scratched and sore.

The scratched throat feeling never went away. My GP tried a Difflam spray, then when that didn't help they put me on Omeprazole in case it's an acid reflux thing. A month or so later, I still had the sore throat, so they referred me to a head & neck cancer clinic.

At the clinic I had a nasendoscopy (camera down the nose). The doctor couldn't find any lumps in or out but booked me in for an MRI 'just to be safe'.

The MRI showed up a 'slight asymmetry' on the base of my tongue (the bit that starts in the throat), and that's what the doctor now wants to investigate via a biopsy.

The thing which worries me is that the biopsy isn't till Oct 14th! That's 7 weeks away!

So my question is: is this a hopeful sign that the doctors don't think it's likely to be cancer? If time is of the essence when catching cancer early, 7 weeks till a biopsy surely isn't good. Unless the doctors are confident it's unlikely to be the big C?

Any, I'd be very grateful for any reassuring words you might have. Thanks...!
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