Listen in to this to this Webcast Replay. Dr Chris Kammer is your host with guests Eva Cohen-'oral cancer 10-year survivor'.
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I'd like to see something like this used in training for ALL dentists and GPs. Eva's story is similar to my own - I kept going back to my GP and being given antibiotics, then when I had severe pain in my ear I was given eardrops without the connection being made between the tongue sore and the earache. It took five months before I got sent for biopsy and had cancer diagnosis by which time it had spread to lymph nodes. Never smoked, low alcohol intake - I think my GP referred me to Head & Neck clinic just for second opinion - she later told me she had never treated an oral cancer patient before.There needs to be greater awareness among the medical profession. Thanks for this link - excellent.
Dear Dr. Joshi,
I heard the complete talk but was a bit dissapointed with the entire chat with Eva Grazyels tryst with her cancer as I feel there are many more people here on rdoc, who have been through worse and have overcome their problems. I think this is motivation when one is there for another and not just giving talks at various places as to what should be done and what not. Most people with the illness soon realise how bad it has been for them and its only because on one helping the other has made things better. I really cannot see Ms. Grayzel making much of an impression here or as far as motivation is concerned.

What do you feel?

Love and hugs,
WoW! She is brutally honest aout the treatment - which could scare people! Mind you her life was at risk through no fault of her own.

Love Chloex
I get the shock value angle, so it might help people turn to a more healthy lifestyle, but anyone who has just been diagnosed and facing treatment soon would be sh**ing themselves even more after hearing that. Not everyone suffers as badly as Ms Grayzel through treatment, but listening to that you would think they did.
It would make a good training tool for health professionals and might give them an important insight into their patients suffering but I dont think it helps patients at all. Hagg.
Dear Dr.Joshi,
I totally share Haggs analysis. Not everyone goes through what Ms. Grayzel has been - in fact a lot have been through so much more. I still feel they are making a mountain of a molehill.
love and hugs,
Hi Guys, the point of this presentation was that this lady was speaking to a group of Dentists & the points she made were very valid to them & us. She points out that not all Dentists carry out examinations for Oral cancer & may not recognise a CA lesion for what it is.
How many Dentists see a Patient in the immediate post op./recovery period?.Theres nothing like a group of professionals being faced with the reality of a patient who has gone through treatment to be a an aide memoir & hopefully they will think of this lady in their future dealings with patients.
Certainly, Brians Dentist was shocked when she saw him after his op. & that was before Chemo/ radiation.I dont know if she normally carried out oral cancer checks , & I, would never have thought to ask for one before Brians diagnosis. but when I saw her last week she had refered 2 patients that day for specialist opinion.
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I for one would have liked Robins dentist to be standing in his hospice room while the nurses tried to do something with the gaping great stinking hole in the side of his face.If he had he might realise the suffering his negligence caused .
Instead he is still trying to justify his actions or should i say inaction.There is no excuse for such ignorance,and in my book any one who brings missed or late diagnosis and the subsequent consequences to the attention of the profession,deserves a medal.

while treatment for oral cancer may be a molehill to some,unfortunately to others it is a mountain they can never climb.

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