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Reply to "WHATS IN A NAME?"

Good evening Ananth,
Thank you for the latest batch and for the link(lifeisajoke)I spent a while on that site this afternoon.
I don't know where you get the idea of calling me sir,the only people who do that are the traffic police when they stop me with some strange notion that I have been driving too fast,which I would never do of course.I think the police the world over get these quaint notions which brings me to a policeman tale:-
I had to set up a plant in Gnilane in Macedonia about 15 years ago, and I was booked into an hotel in Skopje about an hour's drive away. On the second day I found that I could save 20 minutes drive by a short cut which was not shown on the map I used this each day afterwards.
One evening a policeman stopped me and chuntered on in Serbo Croat which I don't speak so I asked him if he spoke English, his blank look suggested that he didn't so I tried German again a blank look French provoked the same response so I showed him my passport, his face lit up and he said ah! Inglesey and waved me on.After about one week the interpreter arrived, a lady called Rabar, she looked rather like the one time Israeli premier Golda Meir only by comparison Golda was quite pretty.
As I turned off the main road on to my short cut she bellowed "mister Spencer STOP this is a military zone stop and they will shoot you. I don't know what you think but this didn't sound a very inviting proposition to me so I dove on.
Lunch that day looked dreadfull so I decided on a liquid lunch of local wine and Albanian brandy,Rabar objected to this saying the alcohol limit for driving was nul,nul,nul.On the way back to Skopje the policeman was there again and Rabar said now you are in trouble ,you will spend tonight in prison you don't think about me how will I get back to the hotel, I have to admit that her problem troubled me rather less than what I was facing. I stuck my passport against the window and shouted "Dobi Jenia"(I think that means goodbye)he grinned and waved me on. Years later Rabar was still telling people about this incident and how she could not understand how I got away with it, I never did tell her that I had met the same policeman a few days earlier.
Best Wishes for the festive season
Keep Smiling Razzer