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Reply to "WHATS IN A NAME?"

Good Morning good people,
It makes me happy to think that I have brought a smile to your face,I have always had a sense of humour in fact I have often said that the last part of me to die will be my sense of humour.When you can laugh at yourself people laugh with you,but if you can't laugh at yourself people laugh at you.
I worked for Chemische Fabrik Tuebingen. The son of the founder was a friend of mine and he invited me to join the company in 1976, at that time there were about 200 employees, when I retired in 2001 there were many times that number and the company did business in more than 50 countries and had daughter companies in thirty.I don't claim credit for this growth but I suppose I did my bit. I worked mainly in UK and Ireland and for a while I was responsible for the business in Canada and part of the business in Yugoslavia.All of the technical staff had a particular specialist knowledge and were on call to travel anywhere in the world if that knowledge was required.
The original factory is at Bismarckstrasse 102 alongside the beautiful river Nekar,this is now a technical and admin centre and the manufacturing plant is situated in nearby Dusslingen. If you were connected with Mercedes I think you probably visited this area at some time, perhaps to see the castles at Hohenzollern and Sigmaringen.For a while Germany was my second home and I never tired of being there, I equated with the German way of life.
I enjoyed my working life but now I often wonder how I coped with the extensive travelling and long hours,perhaps my 71 years are making me lazy.
Keep Smiling Razzer