Reply to "Update of survival"

We are running an amazing competition here in rural wet and windy Lincolnshire with some awesome prizes.
You could win the chance to go and spot some seals in the very cold North Sea.
You could win a ride in a classic Ford Fusion.
And as an extra we are giving away £2.50 spending money but you have to answer these questions ...
When will Janet get to see oncologist?
C..Sometime never
Question 2
When will Janet get mri results?
A.. April
Question 3.
When will Janet get help from restorative dentistry?
Question 4
When will Richard have hip replacement surgery?
C...Sometime in 2017
Please text your answer to 1234 and ask the bill payers permission or call 0123456789. Calls will be charged at £2.50 per second and calls will take 40 minutes,
Who could resist such awesome prizes?
If you get all of the answers correct we may even throw in a chance to jump in a muddy puddle with a large dog.
Or email to pissed off with the for added bonuses.