Update of survival

Small update from yesterdays appointment.
As many of you know I have fought tooth and nail for a very long time to get any kind of health care and have made many written complaints to the NHS.
I saw Mr Ali who does not work in oncology but specialises in cranio maxillofacial deformaties.
He was beyond disgusted that Lincoln hospital had rejected the referral he he done for me to the head and neck cancer team. He had sent my notes three times and three times they had denied receiving them then after four months rejected them.
I was armed and fired with a folder full of notes.
The first thing that he said to me was that with adenoid cystic carcinoma you should have life long monitoring. Halle(bloody)luja.Somebody listened.
Urgent referral to head and neck oncology at Sheffield.
Urgent mri scan.
Urgent referral back to restorative dentist.
Mr Ali will see me again at the same time as I see head and neck oncolgy.
He is a superstar.
Some of the other consultants that I have seen at Sheffield have been disgusting in thier attitude towards ACC and I have in the past even been offered cognitive behaviour therapy so that I can "get over it"
Busy weeks ahead.
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