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Reply to "Tonsil Cancer - 1 Year on"

It was my pre-op marathon target time and the user name I had on a running forum when I joined this one. Achieved that target in the 2008 London Marathon, hope to get 3:15 next year.
Cutting through my jaw was to get enough access to remove my primary & fit the flap from my forearm in its place - I think this is fairly standard practice.
Spicy food - I'm still not quite up to the strength I used to go for - I'm now more Madras than Vindaloo!
Congrats on getting to 5 years - I guess you are no longer monitored at hospital?

I was an active runner pre-diagnosis, which certainly seemed to help with recovery from the op. Radiotherapy slowed me down a bit, and I had to stop running altogether for about 10 days when my skin broke down as I couldn't shower. To be honest, I was also pretty weak at that stage anyway, so it was probably the right time to take a break.
Congrats on the one year!