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Thanks for all your info. We are just concerned about the amount of tongue that they will have to remove. My husband has a management position and speaks with other managers and employees. He was hoping that maybe he could just have radiation but from eberything we have been told that would only be used if his cancer has metatasized to his lymph nodes. Good luck to you and thank you for your comments.

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Hi Kimberly

So sorry to hear about your husband's diagnosis. It sounds very similar to what I had last year (though I had to wait 8 weeks for my op post diagnosis - very stressful!). The doctors originally thought that I was a T2 and that when they had removed the tumour I would have to have a tongue flap, but when they came to operate they found I was only a T1 and they could just remove the tumour and sew up the wound. I also had a left-sided neck dissection to remove the lymph nodes, which were clear so I did not have to have radiation - my doctor said this was really good as the radiation causes more problems than the surgery. The doctors are "optimistic" about my prognosis but have said that if the cancer does come back in the future they now still have the option of doing a tongue flap and/or giving me radiation (apparently you can only have radiation once) which is reassuring in a way.

I had my operation on 3 October and am now pretty well back to normal apart from a numb tongue and neck.

Hope this is helpful.
Thinking of you both.

All best wishes