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Reply to "Telephone Help Line"

Hello Paul

Thanks for asking. The telephone helpline is being set up. A number has been obtained and voice messages recorded for a menu driven help system for:

  • information about early signs of mouth cancer
  • access to a professional counselling service for mouth (head and neck) cancer patients and families in the United Kingdom
  • access to someone with similar experiences for patients and carers to talk to.

We are also planning to provide basic training and support for our patient and carer volunteers who will be returning calls to those who have requested to speak to a patient or carer.

We are waiting for the technical bits about the telephone service to be set up. And I need to go to London to meet the people who will be providing the training session for our volunteers.

Sorry, it is all taking time but we have had a couple of false starts when it got over-complicated and required a rethink!

Best wishes

Vinod Coffee
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