Reply to "Surgery or not ?"

If I had not had the surgery I would not be here to write this now

I was offered surgery or palliative care.

I am not going to lie and say it has been easy,it has been a long road to recovery.

I still get tired quite easily and the nature of my surgery I tend to suffer with a lot of chest infection.

And I still have some aches and pains.

There are a few things I can't physically manage anymore

I can't swim (neck breather) I would drown.

I had to give up work and I had a good job,a job I loved doing.

I can't walk far before I start to cough or my leg pain starts (muscle and fat taken from top of leg to reconstruct the floor of my mouth)

If I could offer any advice it would be to take any help the hospital offer you,also get referred to the psychology department. They can help on the road to recovery.

I still have a lot of hospital appointments and I am 3 years post op in April.

Quality of life is not as bad as I first imagined when I was told about the surgery.

I get out and about when I can,even had a couple of small family holidays.

I agree it easy for surgeons and consultants to advise what is best for you,like you say it is not them living the life following surgery.

I did have a peg tube fitted as all my food was in liquid form.

I had my peg removed roughly a year after surgery.

I can manage a very soft food diet,blended or mashed to baby food consistency and I am happy enough with what I can eat (peanut butter and jam ice cream milk shakes are my current favourite)

All of my medication needs to be disolvable or liquid.

All of these seem like a small price to pay for me to be able to spend more time with my family.

Like I said it's not easy but it's not that difficult either.

So as you can see there are a lot of pro's for me and a few con's

I am pleased I am still alive 

And if I had to do it again?? Absolutely,it's a no brainer for me.

My regrets are catching the awful disease in the first place.

And if I could ask a crystal ball anything it would be how long have I got left?

After my treatment ended in 2014 I had a biopsy in 2015 to determine if treatment had worked 

I was told all looks good no signs of cancer.

It was 6 months later I became symptomatic again and 3 months after that I was given the choice between op or palliative care 

So now I am 3 years post op every single day is a bonus for me.

I hope some of this is helpful 

And please feel free to keep asking me questions 

If I can help I will.