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Reply to "support group"

Hi Marcella,
I will try and leave a comment here or on your blog later.
Suffice to say that the negative power of the mind is unbelievably powerful - it has rendered me immobile at times over the last 20 months.
I have been on citalopram for 7/8 weeks and am feeling happier and much less anxious/worried etc. I have been extremely psychosomatic in my behaviour and had symptoms which I can barely believe was down to my own mind - but sadly - it has been.

I also know that, until things are diagnosed, you should try not be hyper anxious. I have had a number of mouth biopsies over the last 14 months - all were negative.
A positive is that these cancers respond very well to radiotherapy. I had secondary tumours in my neck lymphs. 60 neck lymphs removed (approx) and a large neck muscle. After radiotherapy I recovered well. Final RT was in dec 2004.

The only problems I have now are with my mind.

regards Tony K