Soup Recipes

Hi All,

This is a bit light hearted...and not meant to diminish what members are going through.

But as a four time survivor my eating methods have changed where I can swallow fluids and thick pasty soups, but can't chew and transition food from the front of the mouth to the back. This is a function of the tongue, and it happens I'm missing mine somewhere in Tampa Florida.

So I would like to inquire about creamy soup recipes from local areas on this board. Australia, Great Britain, Malaysia,..etc. If your recipe is not "creamy", I can always puree it and get the consistancy I need. But would enjoy the input of this group to provide additional variety.

Sharing my most original concoction: I took two American hot dogs and fried them in a pan with butter, then two scoops of potatoe salad (southern style (with mustard)), then a couple of cups of beef broth. I called it "Hot Dog" soup. Tastes just like a picnic after I'm done pureeing it in the blender. Wonderful taste!

Just so you don't think I'm pathetic, I've had plenty of the more normal soups as well...and I've gotten quite good at making them just the way I like it. Bacon, sausage, onion, garlic, celery, potatoes....have a go on the stove and add just a little cream at the end...blend it,....wonderful!!!

So if you are inclined, I would enjoy hearing from places far off to add to my culinary experience, and dining pleasure. (I know the "dining pleasure" was a bit over the top).

Anyway, looking forward to hearing from the group.


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