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Ok this is not a recipe, but it's as I think of them SWEET TREATS. Before my treatment I loved sweets, esepcially boiled sweets and chewy sweets. I was never a great chocolate lover, but I like milk choc now. I used to like white choc, but no longer like it at all. It just feels like neat fat - which it is.

It's all so weird. At first any chocolate was clutchy and trying just one was enough for a run to the bin to spit it out. My first success was with a Flake bar. Forget anything too hard and too heavy. It sticks.

The main thing with sweets is that you must have fluid nearby and I find tea or hot chocolate is the best to help soften and wash the sweets down away. It just feels so normal to be able to eat a sweetie.

The first sweets I managed were mint chocolate matchsticks dipped in tea. Orange ones are also ok. Next were the jelly fruits you can get and Fry's Turkish Delight - can you tell it was near Xmas. The fine chocolate coating was tolerable. In the beginning I could only manage one half of a turkish delight bar or less, perhaps just 2 bites. Cutting it with a knife into small squares also works well. (Again all washed down with tea)

Ok try small sweets.

Yes sweets for tots. I like various jelly sweets made for children that are smaller than your pinky nail. Marks do great ones. Investigate sweets for children for yourself. The thing that is great is that the bags are also tot size so you can try several types without waste. Very soft jelly gums work well and some wine gums in certain brands work too. Not all brands work so it is trial and error.

I used to love hard caramels. Unbelievable hard work post rads and I have given up on them forever - the caramel or toffee sweets never go anywhere. I suggest the softest caramel alternatives - fudge and curly wurlies kept at room temperature so they are softer. You can eat them easily if you soften them in tea or cut them up with a scissors into tiny bits.

Very small fudge bars are also ok and as the years have passed I have moved onto liquorice which is interesting taste wise - not quite as before, but interesting.

Sweets really need to stretch easily. So hard candy is out and I now find myself going for all the soft centres I once left alone in favour of the toffees.

Whilst sweets are far from the perfect nutrition, the iron in the chocolate is useful when you don't eat meat anymore and the normality of havinga few sweet treats just like others do when you watch tv is good for your mental health!
Will add a recipe soon Brenda.
Will post a recipe soon.