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Here are two very easy to prepare desserts which slide down!

Ice cream with berry sauce
Put an assortment of fruits (strawberries, blackberries, blueberries etc into a saucepan on a very low heat - be careful not to burn them - no water needed as their natural juices will suffice. Once they are soft, blend down to thick sauce. Pour hot sauce over ice-cream. The tartiness goes well with the sweetness of the ice-cream but if you have a 'sweet tooth' you might want to add a bit of brown sugar to the sauce. The sauce should keep in fridge for a day or so, or freeze it.

Easy peasy mousse
Blend a punnet of raspberries with a carton of marscapone cheese, leave to set in pretty glass dishes, top with a blob of cream, a raspberry and mint leaf (if you have one!)

All my recipes are meant to be easy to swallow, as I cannot chew, so over to you to provide different types of ideas, plus I'm sure you are getting bored of seeing my face!

(Hello Teri - you popped in when I wasn't looking!)
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