Reply to "RDOC Website - Milestones"

Oh WOW... That's WONDERFUL news indeed!!!

Dr. J, Krishan, and everyone else who envisioned, created and have lovingly nurtured this special forum (truly a Godsend to so many)... and who tirelessly work to answer our questions and calm our fears... and who raise awareness of the otherwise widely-unknown oral cancers on a global front...
Let me just say that you are all the BEST, and we THANK YOU from the bottoms of our hearts! Congratulations upon winning this monumental award! Truly MCF members are all winners as we reach out to frightened newcomers nearly every week, sharing our stories and experiences with honesty, compassion, and a level of understanding that is unsurpassed. We are so blessed to have this "place" to come without fear, shame, or reseveration... to say just exactly what is weighing on our hearts... or that which has brought us HOPE or joy. Simply stated... It is healing. I so agree with everyone that this website should become widely known. No longer should people just "stumble across it" the way so many of us did.

God bless all who still suffer alone in this world with oral cancer. We all know that they need more than just the radiation, chemo and surgeries... They need THIS too... (equally, if not more)... a group of people just like themselves who understand their fears from common experience... in a way that no one else can.

This site is many things to many people...
Through our candid posts we can deliver the brutally honest truth, and still offer HOPE at the very same time. We can ask and openly discuss the things that we are afraid or yet reluctant to address with doctors or family members. It is indeed a safe haven with an open door any time, night or day.

We very much appreciate all the hours and effort spent to propel this site to NUMBER ONE. Take a bow Dr. J... Krishan... and those we don't even know "behind the scenes" who make it possible for us to be one, big, worldwide, Cyber-FAMILY!!

From my heart,


P.S. Sorry, Fran... I have no contacts at the A.E.!! Good try though! Wink