These links aren't to jokes but I guarantee that they will put a smile on your face.

Seen this one? It's a live stream of six adorable puppies. Since it is live you never know what to expect - most of the time they're just sleeping, other times one or two might be awake and moving around, other times they're all awake playing, crawling over one another, etc. I haven't seen them being fed, pooping/peeing or anyone cleaning up after them, but I guess I just tune in at the wrong times. They appear to be in a large crate that they can leave through an open door. If it looks like nothing is happening, it's because nothing is! These little guys sleep a lot. You'll eventually see a twitch or hear a sigh and know that they're alive and well.

Right now one is awake and managed to walk over all the others so that it can get to a toy. Now it's back trying to cuddle and is waking the rest of them up.

Shiba Inu puppies

This puppy celebration is a YouTube link that I sent to Trev and Deborah but Deb was unable to open it for whatever reason. I sent it to them because it features a pug and I'd seen pictures of their beautiful pugs in the Photo Album. It's very sweet, about a little girl and her best friend, Rosco.

Best Friends


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