Reply to "Post-surgey cancer of the tongue. Will I ever be able to eat?"

Hi Heather,

I have only just joined this group so only just read your story.

I had cancer of the tongue and was diagnosed in 2014 and I was 43.

Cut a long story short and in 2016 I had surgery to completely remove my tongue and voice box.

I also had the reconstructive surgery in my mouth and had the peg tube.

I hope this helps you,

I can swallow very soft food,it needs to be mashed or blended to around the consistency of baby food.

I use plenty of liquid to help get food down,it can be tricky and stuff does get lodged from time to time.

I found a summer plastic picnic spoon in the pound shop (came in a pack of 6 spoons forks and knives for picnics) 

The spoon itself is quite long and not as wide as a regular spoon,I use this to get food to the back of my mouth and with a bit of persistence I can move food around to help it on its way.

I had the peg removed around 8 to 12 months after surgery.

I would like to say that yes it is tricky,yes some days a much worse than others but it does get better.

I hope this helps you?