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Reply to "Post surgery"

Very normal. I had surgery, now chemo and radiation. Tips for pain (mileage may vary:

SALT Water, baking soda a water rinse multiple times per day.

CBD Pen, tincture or pills (whichever work for you. Pen helps me quickest with least bad tast.

Magic Mouth Wash before any meals (see doc for prescription and measurements. Pharmacy will give individual components, but for some weird reason won’t mix!

Liquid Morphine (waiting on prescription now so only hopeful at this time. Will update with results.

And last but not least, my wife just handed me a warm water and lidocaine mixture. Tears of happiness rolling down my cheeks! Immediate relief without the nasty taste!

Lastly, I hit the wall, and they inserted a feeding tube. I have 3 weeks to go of m-f radiation with 6 hours chemo each Thursday. After dropping almost 30 pounds, I know it was going to get dangerous if I didn’t. If needed, succumb earlier than later! I will now be able to really rest my throat while getting much needed nutrition!

God Bless, and I hope this is helpful!