Partial glossectomy recovery questions

I just had a partial glossectomy on Thursday (48 hours ago).  It hurts to swallow and because of the closure the whole tongue is kind of bent and feels really weird. I assume there's swelling as well.

I can get some words out, but they sound really weird and I can swallow liquids (it's just painful), but applesauce is really difficult and painful especially with the stitches poking the floor of my mouth.

My doctor is unavailable over the weekend, so I was just wondering if anyone who's been through this can tell me:

Is my tongue likely to bend more or straighten at all during healing?

How much of the "bigness" feeling is swelling and when can I expect that to come down?

How long until I can talk and what is the biggest hurdle there -swelling, practice, healing?

Any other advice?

Thanks in advance,





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