Reply to "Ommelette"

Fluffy Omelette
This omelette is very light and easy to eat.
Seperate 2 or 3 eggs
Beat the whites until they are at the soft peak stage
Add some caster sugar (enough so that someone who's taste buds have been destroyed by radiation can taste it).
Mix the yolks with a little milk.
Add a spoonful of the whites to the yolks and then mix well to loosen the mixture.
Fold the yolks into the whites (gently, with a metal implement so as not to burst the air bubbles).
Cook in melted butter over a gentle heat.
When the underside is cooked, pop under a preheated grill to cook the top.
The original recipe says to sprinkle sugar on the top, but this goes crispy under the grill and scatches a sore throat, so I left this out after my treatment.
I had this every morning for breakfast for months, until I could move on to anything else.

This is the lightest possible omelette and I really recommend it.