Reply to "New Developments in Treatment: Erbitux® (cetuximab)"

Hi Berry,

Before beginning rads I was advised that I might require Erbitux but that my doc wouldn't make that determination until rads were completed. Fortunately, I didn't need further treatment.

I got a shingles shot after David Letterman got shingles in his eye, was off his show for over a month and said that it was the most painful, irritating experience of his life (well, other than the scandal with his interns, but that's another story). I'd take any shots that my doc would allow.

The shingles shot is painless, no side effects and one shot provides life-long protection.

I don't think I'd appreciate a facial if my skin was itchy! I also don't think that an aesthetician would work on a face with a rash (that's just a guess).

There's another thread that discusses Erbitux that you might find interesting.


It appears inevitable that you'll get some rashes so be sure you load up on the antibiotic creams, medications - whatever is being prescribed these days. Some of our members have had only mild cases; others a little less fortunate. It goes away though!

Best of luck to you,


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