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Reply to "New & unsure"

Thanks Paul for you support.

i Had my MDT (Multi Discipline Team) appt yesterday.  

Didnt go to plan. My lumpy node is now larger than the MRI shows, so it's an N3 not N2a.  Have been given a few options in terms of treatment 

1. Radiotherapy & Chemo only

2. Operation to remove my lymph node then a scone op to remove tonsils and the stuff on back of my tongue followed by Radiotherapy and Chemo

i was given a third option, which is a trial.  It is similar to option 2, but instead of 6 weeks radiotherapy and chemo, it's just 5 weeks of radiotherapy only. 

Have opted for option 3, in the hope that if it can't help me I may be able to help others, I think physiologically, to see everything removed I would be able to see results (if that makes sense) 

i was pretty low, as when I saw the team last week, it was suggested that the 2 ops would be enough, but due to the increased size of my neck the surgery is now more complicated.

my parents now know, then at the weekend I told my daughter as she was with me, (from previous relationship) at 14 she understood more than I thought but have signposted her to support should she need it and not want to talk to me about it.  This weekend my step son is with us, (partners son from previous relationship) he is 10 so like my daughter will tell him then he has time to ask questions over the weeeknd.  Once we have done that, will tell my sister.

i went to the MacMillan "lounge" in Southampton on Thu before my apt, the staff there were wonderful. (Mary & Phylis) It was an oasis of calm and relaxed before the onslaught of all the info at the MDT apt.

despite feeling low yesterday today I feel good again - I will beat this