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Reply to "Lump INSIDE Tongue"

Originally posted by Alexjlulu:
Hello ~

I am a 51 year old female in good health. I haven’t smoked in over 20 years (& I wasn’t a heavy smoker, but I did smoke.) I don’t drink alcohol. I exercise regularly.

Some quick timeline backstory . . .

About 5 months ago I had a severe toothache (2nd tooth on the bottom left from center.) Took x-rays & it showed nothing. As I was examining my tooth & the surrounding area I noticed (on the other side of my mouth,) this tiny blue dot on my gum line. After about 3 weeks the dot was removed & diagnosed as a “gingival cyst.” Now by this time, the pain in my tooth had abated, but when I pull my lip back over my tooth I get a pressure of small pain.

About 1 month ago, I woke up and about 15 minutes later I realized my tongue was swollen with a lump (the size of a pea inside of my tongue, not on the outside.) By the time I got to the bathroom to look at it, it was gone. It’s almost at the very tip of my tongue & I can feel it when I press hard between my lips. The oral surgeon that removed the cyst said it’s nothing ~ probably some vascular-like activity . . . but now it’s happened about 4 more times and I can tell exactly when it’s going to come up because right where the lump is, my tongue gets tingly or numb ~ kind like how your tongue may feel a couple of hours after you burn it on something hot. It’s freaking me ~ such a strange thing . . . all these mouth issues. I should probably mention that 4 years ago I discovered a large lipoma (fatty tissue benign tumor) on the left side of my neck.

I’m going to consult w/my ENT doc & see what she says.