Reply to "John Spencer"

It is very sad news. My deepest sympathies to Pat, Jane and rest of the Spencer family.

John was my patient at Pinderfields and also a very dear friend. John was very supportive of MCF. He had the greatest sense of humour and very courteous. John loved living and was always cheerful despite the tribulations caused by his cancer.

In a private message on 15 August 2012 to me, he said:

Good Evening Vinod,

I am pleased to hear that things are going well for you, it will indeed be a pleasure if we manage to meet up.

I will not be at the walk for two reasons, firstly Saturday 22 September is our golden wedding day, we will be having a family get together and the following day Pat and I will be going off for a week's holiday. Secondly my mobility deteriorates almost on a daily basis, the hip replacement I had last year did not really make much improvement and this year I have been troubled with sciatica and thrombophlebitis; in fact 2012 has presented more than enough medical problems not only with mobility but also four procedures to deal with mouth cancer problems, one as an in patient. I still enjoy life during the periods of respite and whilst my mind says I can still do all the jobs I used to do the rest of me thinks otherwise.

I am sure that the weather in KL has to be better than the UK weather, after a rare period of decent weather (three whole days) today it was all change again and we have experienced something similar to what one might expect when rounding Cape Horn on a bad day.

Keep Smiling

We will "Keep Smiling” in his memory. Rest in peace, my friend. I will never forget you.