Reply to "Financial Help for Cancer Patients (U.K.)"

Thats me signed!
I dont know how people do it without savings.
If it wasnt for my family & boss i'd have certainly lost my home. & that's the last thing you need when your going through treatment!
As Jenni says its wrong people who've paid there taxes have to beg for financial support!
I applied for a McMillan grant to pay for petrol to & from Brighton 5 days a week for 6 weeks. Not to mention the chemo before hand. & i couldnt get it because the way its worked out makes you look far better off than you arer.
For your out goings, all thats considered is Rent, Electricity, Counsil Tax. But not food, gas, responsibilities etc.

So i went for dissability allowance, seeing as how i was bed ridden, severe nerve damage so i couldn't hold a pen, ulcers so deep i couldnt speak. But NO - cant have that either!

& incapacity benefit is just £70 a week!

Its rediculous!