Financial Help for Cancer Patients (U.K.)

See: Macmillan Cancer Support's section on Financial Help:
If you've just been diagnosed with cancer, the financial implications probably haven't registered yet. But having cancer can be expensive in ways you hadn't expected. As your treatment begins you may find you have to give up work. Your partner may also have to reduce their hours in order to care for you. You could well face extra expense to cover transport to and from hospital, increased heating bills and even new clothes to cope with weight loss or gain.

The Government offers various benefits you may be able to claim which will help you cope better:

You may also be eligible for other benefits to help with extra expenses, such as prescription charges.

If you're terminally ill, you can apply for either Disability Living Allowance or Attendance allowance under the 'special rules'. Your claim should be dealt with more quickly and you should get the benefit at a higher rate.

Also see Cancer backup's Financial issues for a practical guide to people diagnosed with cancer, their families and friends:
This information provides Financial issues can cause worry when someone becomes ill. Many people find that a diagnosis of cancer affects their finances and can cause money problems.

  • Take advice
  • Sick pay and benefits
  • What you can do
  • Getting your paperwork in order
  • Employment-related benefits
  • Disability and attendance benefits
  • Income support
  • Tax credits
  • Help with NHS costs
  • Grants
  • Morgages, pensions and life assurance
  • Viatical settlements
  • Dealing with debt
  • References
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