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Reply to "Early Diagnosis - Tonsil Cancer"

Hi SJK1,
You must be so worried and stressed. I really hope it works out fine for you and I think it will.
Age - if you are under fifty you are classed lower risk so you will be put off longer. - I was 49 (non smoker and drinker)
Blood tests will discount some cancers etc and nasal cameras can't see everything (Been there!) Ultrasound - waste of time(cancer cells so tiny!)

NOW - if I were you I would PAY to see a specialist ENT consultant and get him to have a dam good luck at your tonsil (and lymph swellings). All this with a view to arranging a biopsy of your tonsil.
Only a Biopsy will be conclusive. This illness could be HPV related - I'll leave you to check things up on that. Blood tests for that would have to be specific - so probably not tested for time round.
I'm not sympathetic to the cretins who saw me when I was dreadfully ill.
(Tonsillitis - severe .A lymph gland like a hens egg - had it for months ultrasounded etc - 6/7 months of waiting/putting off - and then the dreaded diagnosis! (March to late September 2004)
You don't need that - be proactive - bang on tables - make a nuisance of yourself. And above all be careful about being too trusting on what you are told.
See a bona fide expert in the field asap
Good Luck - Tony K