Bump behind lower front teeth inside the floor of the mouth

Hello everyone,
Hope you are all going well.

Luckily it's not me that's asking for an opinion this time. I'm doing it for my mate. I've talked to him about my salivary gland problems and it turns out that he also has an oral problem.

He made an appointment with the dentist based on my advice but it's not until after the new year. I just wanted to describe what is going on in his mouth so you can please tell me an opinion whether it is too late to wait until after the new year!

He has a lump inside the floor of his mouth, it's completely inside, nothing can be seen from outside on mucosa. It's in the floor of the mouth behind lower front teeth, on the left side, it's not attached to gums. It's feels oval, rather hard, around 1 cm long and maybe half centimeter wide.

I've felt it under my finger (it can only be felt from inside of mouth, not under the chin) and it's definitely movable and seems rather well defined. It might be connected on one side though with the fleshy bits. I seem to have the same thing in my mouth, on both sides but they're a lot smaller, they're like in a chain with other similar lumpish things.

My guess is lymph node or salivary gland and by what I've learned, if it movable there is low possibility it's cancer but nevertheless I've told him not to worry and to be vigilant. His dentists wasn't worried over the phone. Since it's movable he said it's probably some cyst or something else.

As far as he knows he had it for 2-3 months (he noticed it by accident) and in that time he says it didn't hurt him nor grew (to his knowledge).

So what could that be? Any opinions?

Thanks for everything!
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