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Reply to "Are you disabled by your cancer treatment?"

I returned four months after chemo and radio treatment finished in order to keep my job. I do manage sandwiches, providing the filling is moist and eat fillings like bean pate or seafood sticks and mashed avocado.

I try and keep my energy levels up by eating healthily and dancing at least once a week - rock and roll, jive, east coast swing, salsa, cha cha and quick step. I consider myself very lucky and am particularly grateful to all the dancers who drove me to chemo and radiotherapy sessions, Royal Marsden and St. Georges.

Luckily, I managed to crawl back to work just about the time I was going to be put on incapacity benefit. Laughter is the best medicine and looking for beauty everywhere - goldfinches on the bird feeder do it for me. Hope this is an inspiration for somebody!!


Originally posted by Chelle:
For me, i HAD to return to work for my own sanity. & i returned to work 4&half months after finnishing treatment. I was becoming very depressed & i think a bit agrophobic. I'd talk myself out of leaving the house at every oppertunity. I feel that going back to work ewhen i did helped no end with the fatigue and building my muscle stregnth. & although i get really exhausted by the end of the day emotionaly i feel great! It's really hard work keeping house, working full time, looking after the other half & pets ASWELL as trying to have to resemblance of a social life & see the family! But every week i notice i'm a little stronger physically. I can lift the 25kg sacks of food now, when i started back i couldn't manage the 2.5kg bags! My legs don't ache as much either.
I do find eating at work a big pain in the butt! Not being able to snack or have sandwiches for lunch. I usually have salad with lots of dressing. Ok, hands up sometimes the hassel of eating at work is more than its worth and sometimes i just get by on hot chocolate! Bad i know when i'm supposed to be putting the weight ON. Occasionaly i'll just have a cup-a-soup or something.
The nerve damage was limiting at first - i couldn't catch the animals cuz i didn't want to crush them (not knowing how hard my grip was) & not being able to write is a little debilitating.
But mainly, i don't know how people can AFFORD to stay off work! I'm 23 - i have a mortgage - i have my pets - & the DWA make you jump through hoops to get any kind of benefit! when my SSP ran out i went on to incapacity benefit. £70 a week! Didn't even come close to covering my mortgage! I had to rely on top ups from family so i'm having to pay them back. I got refused Dissability Living Allowance TWICE even though i had a letter written from my Macmillan nurse & oncologist. It's DISGRACEFUL that you pay your National Insurance & then have to scrape by & potentialy loose your home! Soapbox
Ok, enough ranting...