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Terrible that this has happened to you, I will definitely not be using them for any of my business Jack Roller Shutter Doors Bolton

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Not only is aftercare piss poor it is non existent Once they get you past the 5 year mark they wash their hands and put you down as a...

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Sorry I think I gave asked in the wrong place sorry..

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Hi i was at the dentist a couple of days ago and she asked if I had noticed the white patch on my tongue..I didn't even know it...

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Oh wow that sounds horrible. I hope you were able to solve the problem until now. My grandmother also suffered from mouth cancer and it...

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After reading these posts, I become more thankful that my T2 N0 tongue cancer required no additional treatment. There was chatter...

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I am curious what's under my tongue or floor of my mouth. It has been 5 days now. I have a smaller similar lump. It started as pain when...

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Hi everybody. Sorry I haven't been on lately, but anyone who's interested could probably trawl up my back story. I'm searching for...

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Hey, I always recommend going the natural, herbalist route with any issues. But that is my opinion and should not be taken as absolute...

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Hi everyone, I used Biotene toothpaste for the last 12 years as anything else dried my mouth out. 6 months ago I switched my dentist and...

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I have also got a mole type black dot just besides of the wisdom teeth on inner cheek.. Well for the last one month i am also facing...

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sorry to hear about what happened to you. Hoping one day soon you will be healed completely. shark shooting games

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