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Create your own personal album here. Any registered user can create his/her album here or add comments .

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It can get pretty tiring thinking of just Cancer. Use the general community album to tell us about whatever gives you support, your family, your friends, nursing staff, pets, plants, etc. Any registered user can add photos here or leave them a comment. If you wish to set up a specific community album (i.e. not about yourself), please contact me.

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Members are invited to host your part of the world for other members to visit as guests to learn something about the place you live. You can talk about the norms, eating habits, awareness activities, etc in your area.

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This forum is only for the media to post questions, invitations for interviews, polls, etc - Please do not post anywhere else on the message board. If you are easily offended by media postings, please do not read.

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Helen is a medical student from the University of Leeds working with Dr Joshi to assess the use of the internet to support Head & Neck cancer patients. Any opinions to help with her project would be greatly appreciated.

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Discuss the Mouth Cancer Walk and Mouth Cancer Awareness Week

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About the Mouth Cancer Voice Awards and Inspiring Mouth Cancer Vocalists

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Take part in our polls so that we can better understand how treatments, their side-effects and other psyschosocial issues affect head and neck cancer patients on this board. Thanks.

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Discuss medications, treatment, procedures

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Questions about larynx cancer treatments, surgery and recovery. Share experiences on how life is after a laryngectomy.

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Prayers, poems or just words of comfort and support

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Bring a smile to your face. Read and share light hearted jokes and amusing moments. PLEASE DO NOT POST ANY ADULT JOKES HERE! Jokes in this Light Humour forum should be suitable for children.

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Please post all adult jokes here. All jokes that are unsuitable for children to read should be posted here. By accessing this Adult Humour forum you agree that you are at least 18 years old and not sensitive to outrageous jokes.

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Offer helpful advice to patients and carers

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Offer helpful advice to patients and carers

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You can talk about Cricket, Football, 'Lost', Heroes', 'Desperate Houswives', etc here!

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Tell others of any useful websites or books you find

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Discuss projects, raising funds and awareness for the Mouth Cancer Foundation

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Take part in our polls so that we can gauge what members on this board think about various issues that affect the board and head and neck cancer patients. Thanks.

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